About Dr. Quiros

Alexander Quiros, PhD, MBA
“Dr. Q”

Director of Executive-Life Coaching Services

Have you ever felt like you have the potential to do more?  Shouldn’t business be more than just profit?  How much more could you achieve if you could gain a renewed sense of passion for your work?  My goal as an executive-life coach is to help you further develop your strengths and identify areas of potential growth in order to maximize your impact on profit, society, and the environment; the Triple Bottom Line (Elkington, 1994).  This is where my unique blend of skills and experiences come into play.

My PhD in Clinical Psychology grants me access to some of the most cutting edge assessment tools available only to licensed professionals.  For example, while the popular Myers-Briggs test categorizes people into sixteen types, you know from experience that there are more than just sixteen personality types in your workplace and/or community.  One of the tools I use can categorize people into one of over 65,000 types.  While many coaches are using the equivalent of a regular microscope to help you discover who you are, I bring the equivalent of a million dollar electron microscope.  As a psychologist, I’ve also done extensive work on multicultural and gender issues especially as it relates to developing competence in working with people of diverse backgrounds.

Unlike most psychologists, I also have an MBA in Corporate Finance and 10 years of experience in sales mostly at a global corporation.  These experiences help me better understand the demands of your work environment and drastically increases the efficiency of our sessions since you’re not wasting time having to educate me about basic business.  Furthermore, I can draw from personal experience to help you develop skills pertinent to work and life: Time management; Leadership skills, Management skills, Handling Strong Emotions (yours and others), Listening Skills, Getting more done in less time, just to name a few.

Finally, as an expert on both Christian theology and Buddhist philosophy, I’m able to help you address some of those existential dilemmas that may have you questioning how your purpose in life plays a role in the business realm.  Finding meaning in your work is just another way of describing that passionate drive that helps leaders rise.

In short, I’m here to help you more fully integrate the different parts of your life so you can excel at your goals while feeling more whole and present at work, at home, and with yourself.

Qualifications and Experience

Dr. Quiros earned his undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees from Texas A&M University. He completed his APA-approved pre-doctoral internship at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX and his postdoctoral residency at San Antonio State Hospital. He later obtained his MBA in Corporate Finance from Walden University.