Psychological Assessments

Our psychological assessments are conducted in a timely manner and typically scheduled within 2 to 4 weeks of your call. They include detailed written reports with recommendations, which can be sent to your referring physician, psychologist/therapist, or psychiatrist at your request. 

Your assessment experience involves a collaborative, therapeutic testing process. Our goal is to help you better understand yourself.

The main goal of our comprehensive psychological assessment is to provide clarity and help you understand yourself in deeper ways. In addition to discovering new solutions to current or long-standing problems, psychological assessments are often very helpful in clarifying a diagnosis and generating treatment recommendations for referring professionals, such as your doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Our hope is for you to experience a truly collaborative process during your assessment- one in which we are working together to help you gain insight into your psychological and emotional functioning, assess your strengths, and identify any barriers keeping you from reaching your goals.

Types of Psychological Assessments We Offer:

  • Personality Functioning (Understanding your personality style, traits, self-concept, interpersonal difficulties, etc.)
  • Diagnostic Clarification (Depression, Anxiety, etc.)
  • IQ Testing
  • Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations (Bariatric patients, Chronic Pain patients, Plastic Surgery patients)
  • Psychological Evaluations for Religious Life Candidates (Seminarians, Novices, Aspirants, Deacons, Pastors, etc.)

Please contact us to discuss your specific psychological testing or assessment needs. The psychologists at Progressing Minds do not participate in any medical insurance plans. For information on self-pay rates, please visit our Fees page. 

Please note we do not provide assessments for autism, learning disorders, or neurocognitive disorders (dementia, memory difficulties, etc.).