Individual Therapy

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” ~Sophia Bush

Self-Discovery & Personal Growth

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons. You may be coming in because of anxiety or depression, or perhaps you’re faced with a big change in your life that feels overwhelming or confusing. There’s no right or wrong reason when it comes to asking for help.

We find that many individuals decide to come in for therapy when their inner resources feel depleted, or they feel like they’re running on fumes.

Dr. Garcia-Bravo helps guide you in self-discovery and personal growth by offering a safe, supportive, and trusting environment. Her therapeutic style involves using various evidence-based techniques to complement your unique needs, while working collaboratively to understand and work through thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which may be causing discomfort or pain in your life. Compassion, fostering insight, mindfulness, and identifying personal strengths are central aspects of her practice. She believes that by offering guidance and a nonjudgmental stance, individuals can foster change, develop new coping skills, and rearrange their life into one that is more meaningful and satisfying.

We are here to help you on your journey, whether it involves healing and working through long-standing issues, coping and adjusting to current stressors or changes in your life, or seeking personal growth and exploration.  

Pre- or Post-Bariatric Surgery Patients:

Are you experiencing worry or fears regarding your surgery? Or perhaps you’re worried about how you will manage the strict recommendations or feelings of “deprivation” after your surgery? Meeting with Dr. Garcia-Bravo for individual therapy prior to or after your bariatric surgery can be very helpful. We can process your feelings, thoughts, and concerns in a safe environment and work towards your goals. It can be particularly helpful to review concerns about behavior patterns that could potentially affect your chances of success. Dr. Garcia-Bravo can help you adhere to your new eating regimen after surgery and learn important mindfulness techniques. Additionally, you may be experiencing some worry or fears regarding the surgery itself and can benefit from learning stress management techniques. Achieving a state of peace and relaxation prior to surgery can help you cope more effectively with the healing process.

Our goals are to help you identify your strengths, gain a better understanding of your underlying difficulties, ensure that you feel validated and supported, and help you develop a concrete course of action to meet your goals.


What to Expect During Your Initial Therapy Session:

Your first individual therapy session generally lasts 45-50 mins. The purpose of this meeting is to go over your personal history, understand your presenting concerns, what you hope to gain from therapy, and work collaboratively with your doctor to develop a treatment plan. During this session we will also decide how often we will meet for subsequent therapy sessions. Meeting weekly during the initial phases of treatment is often optimal for most patients, but we can work around your schedule and meet according to your preferences.

It takes courage to look at ourselves honestly and in a self-compassionate way, and our goal is to guide you through that process in a supportive and knowledgeable way.