Curiosity and Openness

By Alexander Quiros, PhD, MBA

When you foster Curiosity,

you question why you are doing the same things over and over.

When you foster Openness,

you allow for the possibility of a new, healthier life.


As we travel along the path of life, we tend to feel more and more confident that we have things figured out. We tend to stick to the familiar path. You see, around the mid 30s, early 40s our brain anatomy changes and we start to get comfortable with routine even if the routine is not healthy. We start to resist change even though impermanence is at the heart of our universe. But these tendencies kill curiosity and openness, two attitudes needed for positive change.

While change is often challenging, you can cultivate curiosity and openness. One way is to observe someone who is open and curious. Children are great at both. Observe how a child humbly accepts that they have more to learn and how they thirst for knowledge with the repetition of every, “why?” Another way is to purposely try something new… very new. New foods, new skills, new experiences, new friends, new … well you get it. By purposely pushing against the tendency to stay in your rut, by intentionally seeking a new route, you strengthen the neural pathways that have gone weak from lack of use.

I’m not saying that stillness and stability don’t have their part in a healthy life. Rather, I’m challenging the tendency to stay still when stuck in an unhealthy, stagnant point along your life journey. There is more to see, more to explore, and more to experience.


Dr. Alexander Quiros is a bilingual licensed psychologist.  He is an expert on emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and mindfulness. He can help you develop these skills for the purpose of advancing your personal and/or work life. He works with individuals and is also available for group presentations or trainings. If you would like to know more about how these services can help, please use our contact form.